Can we build a Trusted-Moderation network?

An ODbL guarantees, that every modification of an entry has to be redistributed again under the same licence. And the LoA-Interface sends all changes back to the original source.

But it can be a lot of work for certain moderators to accept or decline all those changes that come in by interfaces. Especially if Plattforms do csv-Uploads it could be a lot of work.

So it would be nice, that each data-consumer can select other sources as „Trusted Datasource“. So any Change that comes from A, or that A has accepted, will be automatically implemented in my database, if I seltect A as trusted source. And if A trusts B, it means that I am automatically trusting B, even if I don’t know him.

That means two things:

  • LoA should not only exchange the changes made by entries and by whom they are done, but also, who else has accepted this change and who has declined it.
  • Each Data-Consumer should set up a lists with the most trusted datasources/moderators on top and the less trusted at the buttom (without the trust-ranking, you would run into failures, if one trusted source accepts the change, anotherone declines it). The same way, you should be able to define black-lists of moderators, you never trust (even if you most trusted source do so)

If a platform can not integrate this „trust-system“ within its own platform, it can use the system of another platform and should be able to consume only changes, that are accepted on the other system. So each trusted-user has its own trusted-API which only pushes changes that are accepted.

We started to build such a system with our clearence-Center for kvm ( But the fucntion, to trust other moderators, is still missing.

Could this save the time of moderation?
In order to avoid double-changes on the same entry, moderators have to accept changes as soon as possible before it is changed on a third platform independently.