Triple subject (or url) vs. Visiter URL

Happy Easter together,
I had been talking with Simon about the URL of an organization.
I am/was confused that there was a URL describing a thing in RDF and another url describing that thing in HTML (Simon had called that visitor URL).

Example of a visitor URL:
The same organization is described here in the API:

In RDF, we talk about IRIs instead of URLs. See

For me it was clear that an IRI of a thing (e.g. organsiation) is unique and that via content negotiation ( it is distinguished whether the thing is described in RDF (Turtle, JSON-LD) or in HTML.

But I understand that a HTML representation like is not necessarily made for platform (e.g. WECHANGE) users.

Now there is the possibility to use „sameAs“ ( for the visitor link.
But this morning I also came across „mainEntityOfPage“ (, which I think would also fit well.

I still see the „url“ ( as equivalent to the subject of a triple.

So when I say „fairkom is an organization“, the triple would be
<> rdf:type schema:Organization ;

Info: In Turtle instead of „rdf:type“ -> „a“ is used, because it reads better.
Then in my head something like this would be correct:

<> a schema:Organization ;
    schema:url <> ;
    schema:mainEntityOfPage <> ;
    schema:sameAs <> ;

Which means the following: (I replace the URL with Fairkom in the following example).

  • Fairkom is a Organisation
  • Fairkom.url is
  • Fairkom.mainEntityOfPage is
  • Fairkom is same as